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Do you find yourself scrolling the internet, comparing your brand to everyone else feeling less legit in the process?
You're a smart, capable woman who's proud of the business you've built, but your current brand no longer feels like you. 
Or maybe it never did.

Either way, you find yourself endlessly browsing other websites, lacking confidence, and wishing you had a look to match those other brands you admire most. 

What really matters is that you have dreams of taking your business farther than you ever imagined and want a brand that truly represents you and where you’re headed next.

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I know that frustrating feeling when your brand doesn’t speak to you, much less to the people you want to work with. It leaves you second-guessing and insecure. And when you’re insecure, you hold back because you want to hide and play it safe.

I've been there! But here’s the thing: you have no reason to hide. Exactly the opposite! You’re talented and capable, and you’ve built an amazing business. More importantly, you have gifts the world needs!

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to everyone else and start looking at YOU and the unique strengths you bring to the table that naturally set you apart. Because THAT is the secret sauce behind the brands you admire most. You love them because they fully embrace who they are. 

And when you own who YOU are, your confidence will soar and your business will break gravity’s hold and soar higher than you ever imagined. I am here to help your business stand out and soar with excellence.

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Hey, I'm So Glad You're Here! I'm Abbigale,

Creative Director and Founder of  Be of Good Comfort Design studio. I come from a Corporate Marketing and Advertising background working at one of North Americas largest advertising agencies on large campaigns for clients such as Sick Kids Hospital, Scotia Bank International, RIM- BlackBerry, FedEx Corporation, Plan International, Canadian Blood Services, Pennington's, and Blockbuster just to name a few. 

In early 2011 I felt God calling me out of corporate marketing and into entrepreneurship. 


​Shortly after my departure from corporate marketing I worked as a freelance designer for an international charity. My passion for creative design, and providing impactful creative solutions increased greatly.


In 2015 I opened my digital doors and launched Be of Good Comfort Designs.


A premium branding agency that focuses on enhancing the visual presence of women-led brands. Since then I have helped numerous female bosses to bring their visions and dreams to life.


By infusing strategy and design I create impactful visual experiences that increase their credibility, visibility and income.

Recent Feature

Recent feature in Yahoo Finance where I discussed the importance of catalyzing change by giving back and how this has helped with the progression of strengthening many black communities.


About Me
An important element of Be of Good Comfort is doing everything with integrity and purpose. It's the only way I know to honour what God has blessed me with.
I strive to use my creative gifts to help companies create change on a local and global scale.

As a woman of faith, I have come to realize that I serve a creative God.

Just look at the beauty in nature- from the colors of fall leaves to the beautiful rainbow after a storm, God's paintbrush is on everything we see. That creative God has created me in His image, and I can see how he inspires and influences me to design beautiful things for the web every day.

My clients are the driving force behind Be of Good Comfort Designs because you have something to give that the world needs, and I believe you should be able to look your best doing it. Having a small budget doesn’t mean you should settle for mediocrity or anything less than a brand that captures your personality AND your expertise.

Because when your brand finally showcases you as the expert you are, you’re suddenly able to soar, leaving all the comparisons, insecurities and imposture syndrome behind. Instead of holding back, you’ll finally feel empowered to step up, do big things, and take your business higher than you ever imagined. If you are ready to LEVEL UP all the way up and soar new hights in your business then schedule a free 20 min consultation with me. 

Did you know?

I also teach workshops on branding and entrepreneurship (in-person and virtually). If you’re interested in inviting me to speak to your group, please send me an email at or fill out a request HERE. I love teaching other women how to build a stand-out brand!

It's the impact for me!

I was always told I would impact women through art... and I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing! I get to wake up and help female entrepreneurs brand themselves to make their impact on the world everyday and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.⁣

I love walking in my purpose and impacting amazing women but honestly... they impact me more with their amazing stories, businesses, determination and more.

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"Be of Good Comfort was created with a vision and purpose to serve those who are already serving. My clients inspire me and I aim to help them inspire others." 


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It's not by chance that you've made it here.
So now that you know all about the why behind my why...let’s work together to bring you the transformation your business needs! 
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